About Us

Our Story

Our story starts with the kindred spirits of our family, our parents. Our mother’s knack for hosting celebrations brought our family closer over the years. Not only has our mother influenced our enthusiasm for hosting events, her master gardening skills are a base to our esthetic here at Sunflower Hill. Her creativity and spirit have rubbed off on us kids and we want to share our love for events and gardens at Sunflower Hill. Our fathers know how and farming expertise have also influenced our approach to our venue. Not only do we continually add to the gardens here and try to make them better, we strive to make the fields just as beautiful. The fields are maintained with good farming practices and now the cows from the neighboring farm can visit easily in a new fenced in pasture near the parking lot.

The property was once part of the family home farm and has now been transformed into a vast space for beautiful celebrations.
The property boasts rolling hill views, a garden walk, a silo ceremony site, an overnight and getting ready cottage, and a beautiful newly renovated shed for receptions.
If you’re interested in checking out the space or hearing more, please contact us via the website or give us a call. We offer access to our large collection of décor and help coordinating ceremonies, and receptions. We also offer full floral design services on site.